Digital Inkjet for cost effective production

  • Eliminate plates, makeresdy and ink mixing, big savings for plate costs, storage, time and labor.
  • Fast turnaround with minimal setup, 1+ sheet printing, instant service for rush orders.
  • Print on demand with no wasted ink, less consumption, better environmental protection.
  • Efficient order management: printing jobs can be stored, modified and quickly retrieved.

Digital Inkjet is reliable with higher productivity

  • No minimum; Production speed up to 150m/min at up to 1.56m printing width.
  • Self-developed printing control system and data transmission technology ensure a stable run and easy maintenance.
  • Ensure smooth and safe printing by automatic detection and emergency stop when warpage occurs.

Offset-comparable high-quality printing

  • Non-contact direct-to-substrate printing avoids loss in cardboard pressure resistance; no more leaking flutes or white spots.
  • Fully automatic substrate conveying system, lead edge feeding and powerful vacuum suction allow stable printing with high precision.
  • Kyocera greyscale printheads assure high-precision and high-performance printing.
  • Handway aqueous ink achieves superior friction resistance and surface durability.

Digital printing exceeds customers’ expectations.

  • Value-added variable data printing, like barcodes and QR codes, achieves traceability.
  • Seamless order change for the same sized cardboards; texts and graphics can be different from one sheet to the next.
  • Fast order change and instant delivery enable just-in-time production.
  • Handway aqueous ink achieves superior friction resistance and surface durability.

Digital printing for continuous innovation of business models

  • Fast response to market: perfect solutions for personalized, short-run, regional and seasonal requirements.
  • Converting packaging into advertising carrier, integrating with big data, achieves precision marketing.
  • Help carton enterprises transform from pure processing to Internet + printing.